rethink power supply for industrial iot

Sustainable power supply to your IoT devices. No batteries. No wires. Convert process heat into electricity to power your sensors. 


Explore our autonomous power supplies that generate power from heat and our maintenance- free hot surface indicator that helps prevent heat induced injuries in production lines.

Sustainable technology

The best renewable energy to power IoT devices is to harvest your existing process heat.


Develco: TEGnology is not only an alternative to batteries, it may even be the driving force in establishing IoT projects in areas where access makes it impossible to replace batteries. ​

Convert process heat into power supply for autonomous Iot

Power up your IoT devices with self-generated electricity

The SensEver Alfa is an autonomous power supply that converts the heat difference between a machine or pipe and its environment into a regulated voltage that can be chosen from 1.5-9 v to fit most available Industrial Internet of Things devices.

Having no moving parts and a delicate design it is endurance to vibrations, moisture, explosive gases and machine cleaning processes.

With decades of expected life span, all you need is to connect to your sensor kits and start to collect data.

Improve safety with self-powered hot surface indicator

SensEver HSI is an autonomous stand-alone device that flashes visual warning when the temperature of the surface reaches the pre-set threshold.

In a pharmaceutical production site, 15% of personal injuries happen from unintended contact with hot pipes or machine parts during service tasks.

Sustainable power

The CO2 footprint of the production of a product based on thermal energy harvesting is in many industrial cases lower than a cable installation and a battery solution that requires several battery changes during its lifetime.

On top of the economic advantages, TEGnology also provides a solution that actively reduces your company’s environmental footprint.

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We make a difference for the industry by reducing the complex challenge of powering sensors in industrial context to a simple and easy to use product that will enable IIoT beyond what it is capable of today.

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