May 2022

MARCH 2022 Advisory Board Meeting TEGnology had the honor to form a professional advisory board, consisting of (from left to right in the picture above) Jesper Meulengracht from Silo-AI, Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen (on the screen) from DTU-Fotonik, Hilde Seglem (acting chairwoman), Jakob Steffensen from DFDS, Hans-Henrik Ustvedt from GN and Hao Yin from TEGnology. The … Read more

April 2022

MARCH 2022 New WebsiteTEGnology has a new home in cyberspace. The new website is designed to reflect our vision, as well as deliver up-to-date information regarding the company. It also makes it easier to follow our enthusiastic team working to rethink how power is supplied for future   German Company Tests Energy HarvesterZIGPOS a … Read more

March 2022

MARCH 2022 New Logo Yes, as you may have discovered, we’ve got a new logo. It symbolizes the temperature difference as the basis of our core competence within thermoelectric generators (TEG) and reflects our values of being trustworthy and professional.   New Funding GrantedIt is with great honor that we have received another round of … Read more

February 2022

FEBRUARY 2022 THINGS eBazaar® Smart Factory Together with four other startups, TEGnology’s CEO Hao Yin presented as a speaker during the Things eBazaar event. Hao explained why we should, and how we could “Rethink Power Supply for Future IoT”, in terms of enabling process monitoring, predictive maintenance and process safety – all within the concept … Read more

January 2022

JANUARY 2022 The TEGnology team wishes all our customers and partners a healthy and prosperous 2022 Tech Tour Nordic Winning Award It is good to be in the Tech Tour Nordic ecosystem, and it is better to network at a physical meeting, but best of all is to receive feedback and advice. Of course, it is also … Read more

November 2021

NOVEMBER 2021 SensEver Alfa Working Prototype Dreams do come true! TEGnology assembled the first batch of SensEver Alfa – a universal power supply unit for IoT devices. Everything works as expected. The picture shows how SensEver Alfa can provide constant power supply for wireless Temperature/Pressure sensors with a Bluetooth connection, solely by harvesting thermal energy … Read more

October 2021

OCTOBER 2021 Nordic Tour Innovation Fair (Sept. 20-21) TEGnology participated in the Nordic Tour Innovation Fair where Nordic start-ups presented their intellectual property rights and ideas. A good place to meet investors and facilitators. A video from the event can be found here:–3TO hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia (hi-messen) (Oct. 5-7) It was great … Read more

September 2021

SEPTEMBER 2021 Meet TEGnology and the team Starting today, we will publish a monthly newsletter, in which you can read about the latest from the TEGnology world.  This newsletter will summarize the activities in which we participated and the progresses we’ve made in the past month. So you, dear reader, who have us in your … Read more