Products to power your IoT devices

Is the only data you receive from your IIoT system the “change battery” alert? Our products benefit from converting heat into electricity. This not only gives you unlimited resources to send data, but also allows you to position sensors in places not feasible for being supplied by a battery or cable connection. Sustainable power using thermoelectric energy.

SensEver® HSI

Increase awareness at production sites to prevent injuries induced by hot pipes or machine surfaces with this self-powered jot surface indicator. SensEver HSI is easy to install on any pipe. A visual signal is emitted when the pipe temperature exceeds the pre-set threshold.

SensEver® Alfa

The SensEver Alfa is a stand-alone power supply for standard IIoT sensors. The product converts the available temperature difference between a machine or pipe and its environment into a regulated and constant output voltage, that can be adjusted from 1.5-9 V.

More products under development

SensEver® Connect

SensEver Connect is the next generation of SensEver. It contains a wireless data connection to allow data transfer, making SensEver Connect a value adding IIoT device for your production.

SensEver® flexteg

The SensEver® FLEXTEG is a novel thermolelectric generator (TEG). It has a patented design which enables it to work more efficient and at higher temperatures than existing thermoelectric generators.

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