Thermoelectric Energy

How TEGnology converts a temperature difference into electrical energy using thermo electric generators.

Benefits of thermoelectric energy

  • No compromise on data quantity or quality with constant electrical power
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of sensor systems due to no cable installation or battery change
  • No downtime due to battery change
  • Reduced CO2 footprint and more sustainable profile
  • Enabling predictive maintenance, speeding up the digital transition and moving you to a more service-oriented business.
Harvesting thermal energy

Converting temperature difference into power

Thermal energy harvesting is the process of converting a temperature difference into electrical energy using thermoelectric generators (TEGs).

This effect relies on properties of a special class of semiconductors known as thermoelectric materials. When thermal energy migrates through them from a hotter side to a colder side, they create an electric potential.

To operate, our products require a heat flow. Typically, this will be taken from a hot surface such as a hot water pipe, sent through the device and returned to the cold side, usually the surrounding air via a cooling fin or a cold-water return pipe. The amount of energy the product produces is dependent on both the maximum hot temperature and the temperature difference. A higher temperature will produce more energy.

Battery-like power with infinite lifetime

Thermoelectric devices have the advantage of being compact, lightweight, solid state with no moving parts, silent in operation and do not require maintenance.

Integrating TEGs with smart ultra-low power management results in a constant battery-like power supply with “infinite” lifetime as long as a temperature difference is available.

Thermoelectric materials and components

In cooperation with Aarhus University, we have developed two new ground-breaking energy materials for energy optimization. The new materials are based on Zinc Antimonide and Magnesium Silicide and are capable of transforming a temperature difference to electricity at higher temperatures than before.

  • Temperature range up to 440°C
  • Lead free
  • Low material cost

Power-dense energy source for the industry

Thermal energy is the most reliable and most power-dense energy source for being harvested in an industrial context. Besides offering the possibility to supply sensors not suitable for battery solutions, it is also sustainable and underlines the industry’s effort towards being CO2 neutral.

TEGnology combines advanced thermal energy harvesting with state-of-the-art power management, providing a reliable, cost-efficient, maintenance free “internal” power supply for IIoT devices based on thermal energy harvesting from available process heat.